In today’s global trade world, the trade network between countries and companies witnesses a continuous change and improvement. For corporations, development of an innovative and competitive point-of-view as well as the conduct of innovation studies have assumed an important role that is not witnessed so far. Correct management of relations has become one of the important values within a market, which is shaped by the direct impacts of international political changes on economy.

Soycan Group of Companies, which has gained expertise on the subject of localization within the dynamics of global trade, aims at generating permanent & transforming values with all its stakeholders.
The Sarpedon, Çağ Lojistik and Zeynela companies included within Soycan Group of Companies conducts the management of trade relations over their regional offices and also, they provide consultancy services to their business partners on the subjects of local regulations, international trade, importation and exportation.

With its approach that targets a long-term partnership and success based on mutual trust in trade, it is the reliable business stakeholder of every company that has set sail to new markets.


Today’s world requires that global companies have strong foundations at a local level and owing to the sectorial and operational experience obtained in different geographies, it provides project management services that govern the entire process, that are dynamic and innovative.


The Soycan Companies Group aims at conveying to other entrepreneurs the accumulation of sectorial & operational knowledge obtained in different geographies. And in all business stages that are in need of investment consultancy & management, supply management and local experience, the group provides innovational business development and consultancy services.

It targets a collective success in entities that wish to operate in Turkey and surrounding geographies or to strengthen their existing activities.