One important reason behind the success of Soycan Group of Companies is its possession of qualified personnel. Due to the importance, which is attached to planning of training and productive work for the training and improvement of employees, the human factor represents a main component of the decisions taken.

The company possesses a multinational personnel portfolio due the variety of the countries it operates, and the languages of English, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Moldavian, Polish and Kazakh are used during daily operations.

There is no discrimination amongst the employees of Soycan Group of Companies based on race, ethnical origin, sex, religion, political view, physical disability, age, sexual identity or other person-specific items.

Right from the selection phase, Soycan Group of Companies implements career opportunities in an equal manner with consideration of employees’ proficiencies, education and performances.

Please contact us if you want to collaborate in this path of success with the principles of continuous development and company-inclusive growth.